“Intentional Team Culture and Climate” - Theresa Beeckman (Episode 6)

May 23, 2017

In this episode we meet Coach Theresa Beeckman from the great state of Michigan. I first met “Tree” when she presented at the Michigan HS State Volleyball clinic this spring. She's about “team culture” and all of those things not associated with X’s & O’s (you know…most of the important stuff). I was so impressed with what she said that I asked her to be on the podcast! She is currently working as a speaker/consultant for teams interested in trying to establish a winning culture. Tree has worked with volleyball and football teams (some college) and draws her knowledge from many sports and coaches (PJ Fleck of Minnesota is a big one).


In the first part, we discuss the importance of culture and its status in a winning program. Tree talks about the 2 roots of culture, connection and expected behavior, and what they mean. For example, if someone came into one of our practices or games, could they be able to tell what our values are? Sometimes coaches speak the words, but don’t back up the talk (YES!). We then look at how she tries to implement her culture using her season calendar, much like Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Such days as “Maturing Monday” and “Take Over Tuesday” are discussed. Tree feels that a coach should, as author Tim Elmore believes, stain the brains of their team.


In the second segment we finish up the week calendar before going on to discuss the current climate of coaching in today’s world. Too many coaches are exiting the job robbing us of the development of “master” class of coaches (the wise ones). Outside pressures are causing this and it is tougher to coach today.  Tree tells a story of her own high school football career (yes…she played football!) and how one day changed her life forever. It seems that today, society is robbing many of our younger players the chance to have the same experience. We end up commenting at how important athletics is to the development of people and hopes that saner minds prevail.


This was a joy to do.  I have gone to many of clinics in my career, but 98% of the speakers focused on X’s and O’s. But deep down, I would have to say that the most important aspect of a successful team is CULTURE! Give it a listen!!!!


Theresa Beeckman’s website:  http://www.theresabeeckman.com/


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GUEST: Theresa “Tree” Beeckman


HOSTED BY: Scott Olson