Episode 10: Winning: It’s what you learn along the way w/Steve Christiansen

May 11, 2018

Make way in the trophy case…


In this episode we meet Steve Christiansen (Head basketball coach a Triton CC) who just got done winning the NJCAA DII national title this past year. To go along with that, Steve also won the NABC NJCAA Coach of the Year and the IBCA Coach of the Year. Pretty heady stuff for anyone…and a good reason for you to listen to this podcast!

In the first part we talk about how a boy who grew up in Hinckley, IL, got to a JC in the Chicagoland area and then win a national title. Steve speaks about the early opportunities that he got and the chance to become a head coach at the ripe “old” age of 24.  We learn of the growing pains that he went through and how an early losing season made him reevaluate what he was doing and how he had to adapt. (We all remember those days…)

In the middle segment we discuss on how a JC might be a good idea for some players, how coaching at that level is different (Two-year players with an eye on getting a scholarship can lead coaches into some difficult situations), and about motivation. We even talk films… Steve also begins to relate on how an older player on his squad became the key leader. The best teams all have someone who fills that role.

The last section looks at the championship season from the start. We learn that it sprung from the previous season and it led Triton to a dominating start of the new season. Some of the games were by surprising margins. With an eye on challenging his team, Steve had scheduled three Division 1 teams in the mid-season and even though they lost all three, he felt that these games only helped to strengthen his team’s mettle along the way (but it didn’t happen without a “scuffle”). Another streak followed, but a late season loss this time turned out to be a good one for his team…its effect fueled their final push to the title game. He also says that this overall maturing during the process led him and his team to not panic when they found themselves down 19-5 in the Semis. Finally, we get a chance to hear some of Steve’s philosophy of the game. It was a good time and I love the chance to talk coaching with THIS guy! Give it a listen!!!


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GUESTS: Steve Christiansen


HOSTED BY: Scott Olson

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