“The Ref’s View” (Episode 3)

March 13, 2017

The game of basketball affords people various vantage points. In this podcast, two veteran IHSA officials, Marty Flaherty and Jim Knauf, give their take on what the referees see and shed some light on do. Early on we spoke about their starts in this career and the early challenges they faced and how they handled them. Jim and Marty then detailed much of what they learned during the course of officiating a game.  They also pulled back the curtain and gave us a view of pregame, in-game, and post-game conversations.


In the middle segment both of them reflected on working downstate in the IHSA finals and what it meant. They went on to recall their most "memorable" games (the Orion/Sherrard regional game made the list...a game I witnessed from the bench).


The last section focused on getting younger officials started, advice on the job itself, the game's toughest calls, technical fouls, coaches/fans, and how being an official has impacted their lives outside of basketball.  Both Jim and Marty said that if they had the chance, that they would do it all over again in a heartbeat!


So give it a listen. Get a better understanding of the game.

Thanks to Audio Out Studios (Peru, IL) www.audioout.org (815.343.9484 or jeff@audioout.org)

GUESTS: Marty Flaherty and Jim Knauf


HOSTED BY: Scott Olson